Monthly Archives: March 2005

Disabling SharePoint’s “add a listing for this document” checkbox

Mauro Cardarelli shares a great tip on how to get rid of the annoying listing checkbox located on the doc upload page.  This is definitely something I will be doing!

What’s New WP for SP

Haven’t seen it in action… but this sounds pretty freaking cool….

What’s New Web Part for SharePoint Sites
Source code for a Web Part that walks through an entire site using the WSS object model and returns the most recently changed entries. Continue reading

SharePoint Site Definitions – Maping files to pages on a SharePoint site

I have put together a list of SharePoint site definition files (and it is not complete) and what the file is on an actual SharePoint site.  So for example Surveys in SharePoint are called Voting in the system files. I will continue to update this list…

» Check out the article

Nixing the Site Settings Link for Non-admin users

Ryan Rogers has a post about programatically hiding the SharePoint Site Settings link from users without the correct access rights.  Good idea and worth looking into…

MCMS Background Processing

For over a year our CMS site was plagued by deleted content occasionally popping back up in production or links reappearing that were dead because the content behind them was no longer there.   Come to find out our background cleanup job was not created in the database.  Andrew Connell has a good post about the background processing job, something to check out on CMS sites….


I watched a Web Cast about MCMS.RAPID and it left my jaw hanging.  This is a very impressive FREE solution to help with MCMS deployments.  It has several great features that I would love to have on my CMS site… which leads me to the one drawback- it is only for new CMS deployments and can’t be utilized OOTB on existing CMS sites.  But hey… it is open source.  Definitely worth checking out:

Naming Areas on a Portal

When designing a portal, keep the major areas in mind in relation to your URLs.  SharePoint allows 20 areas (one being the Home) to be formatted nicely in the URL.  For example, or  Once you hit the end of your 20 allotted areas, the URL will start organizing the areas into buckets.  For example, (note the C1). Continue reading

Welcome to my blog! Here is the obligatory Welcome and Here I Am World post…

I have just crawled out of the depths of an 8 month long SharePoint project and I have the war wounds to prove it.  I told myself I would start a blog after that project was done, so here I am.  My plan for this blog is to mainly post things I have learned or dealt with in regards to SharePoint. But I am not a developer; instead UI, design and SharePoint administration is my gig.  I am gainfully employed, and I am thankful for that everyday. I try to maintain a life away from my computer, and at times I am successful. But I do see this as an outlet… so anyways… off I go!