Monthly Archives: June 2005

Metalogix Migration Manager – for MCMS and SharePoint

While at TechEd I sat in on a demo for Metalogix Migration Manager and was impressed with this tool.  Metalogix has two tools, one for MCMS and one for SharePoint.  I saw the demo for SharePoint. Through one easy file explorer like interface it allows you browse and select content to migrate to SharePoint.  Continue reading

SharePoint Questionnaire – What we ask our prospective SharePoint site owners

I recently replied to a post on the Mindsharp SharePoint Discussion Group about building a SharePoint questionnaire. I was surprised at the number of requests I got for more information about the questions we ask our prospective SharePoint site owners when in the initial requirements gathering phase.  So I have posted what we ask people in this article. One thing to note is that in our SharePoint environment we do not foster a free-for-all for site creation.  Continue reading

SharePoint Portal Area Permissions Issue and Fix

Todd Bleeker is my new hero! While at TechEd, he graciously spent quite some time with me fixing a permissions issue I was having with my SharePoint portal. This probably isn’t a common problem, but definitely worth putting info out there in case someone else is having the same issue.   Todd made my day and I am very grateful!!! Continue reading

Group your CSS classes and streamline your stylesheet

A great practice for CSS is to group CSS classes/IDs together and list out common attributes only once.  This streamlines your CSS code and makes for easier maintenance.  For example if you have 5 classes/IDs that share the same font attributes, list the 5 classes/IDs together separated by commas with the attributes listed once instead of listing everything out 5 separate times.  If the class/ID has additional style attributes it needs, just list the class/ID name out again with the unique attributes.   For example: Continue reading

Adjust the spacing in the paragraph tag through CSS

I often get asked how to custom adjust the automatic spacing added around a paragraph of text in HTML when using the
tag.   You can use the margin attribute and evenly or unevenly adjust the spacing.  For example: Continue reading

Six Best Practices for MCMS

In the TechEd “Best Practices for Designing and Building Content Management Server Solutions” session presented by Arpan Shah from Microsoft, he went over six best practices for MCMS installs: Continue reading