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FrontPage can still be evil, but does have its place

Todd Bleeker made a comment in the Mindsharp Yahoo group (I think) about how FrontPage is still a viable tool for code editing for SharePoint. His comment stuck with me because so many of us (including me) get wrapped up with the anti-FrontPage parade. Continue reading

There is more to life out there than Dreamweaver

I recently read some stuff that was about using tools to design for Microsoft Products, and one tool sited was Dreamweaver.  Now I know everyone has their pet applications to use for design and development, but with the future of Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0, I got to thinking, you know it wouldn’t hurt for these die hard Dreamweaver users to crack open Visual Studio and take a look around.  Continue reading

My beef with SharePoint/MCMS layout and control regurgitated through AC + my extra thoughts

It is nice to have someone listen to your design heartache and understand.  It is nice to not have them roll their eyes when you hang your head when you see one of your SharePoint pages look like absolute crap because some user found the formatting buttons. Continue reading

Rumors Confirmed – SharePoint and MCMS

Via AC:

I’m sure we’ll hear more about this as the PDC approaches.

Microsoft is melding the infrastructure underlying SharePoint Portal Server and Content Management Server (CMS) for the Office 12 wave starting next year.

» Microsoft Today: Microsoft To Ease Integration Of SharePoint Portal, Content Management Servers

Have we lost the SharePoint vision?

First and foremost, I have a lot of respect and regard for the SharePoint blogging community.  Wow, what a bunch of highly intellectual, effective and generous people who are willing to share their knowledge for the greater good of all developers having to work with SharePoint.  Hats off to you.  Continue reading – Buy web templates online

And it isn’t that pricey.  They have web site, flash, SWiSH, eCommerce, and corporate design templates as well as Php-Nuke themes.  New to their collection are CSS based templates.  I think this site is pretty cool if you are in need of canned designs.  Thanks to James Jackson for his post on this.