Monthly Archives: August 2005

The FrontPage Camps

On one side you have the yeah-hoorah-FrontPage rules people, on the other, you have the boo-hiss FrontPage is horrid users, and in the middle wandering around are new SharePoint users who have way more questions than answers and are trying to understand this product and how to use it and customize it. Continue reading

How do you do that crazy design thing you do?

A few days ago my brother (a network guy turned graphics and video production guy) asked me how I designed stuff.  How do I come up with concepts and ideas.  Wow, what a tough question.  It is hard to verbalize and wrap a process around something like that. Especially for designers in my position where you generally work alone on designs… there is no great ad agency pow-wow session with white boarding. Continue reading

Tables aren’t evil

I spent a brief time on the tableless design wagon… the craze that swept through some time ago where if your web site design included tables you were waving a giant “old fart from the dark ages” flag.  Everything shifted to this huge push for tableless design where you accomplished all layouts with just CSS and DIV tags. I jumped on the bandwagon, I rode the rough trail, and I got off at the next stop.  Continue reading

An Interview with MythBuster’s Adam Savage

I love the show MythBusters, and one of my favorite blog funny men has posted the first half of a very cool interview with Adam Savage.  Topics covered include how Jamie and Adam met, how the show started and some of his background.  Well worth the read if you dig the show.

» An Interview with Adam Savage