Monthly Archives: August 2005

IE7 will have new icon and logo…

… and I actually like it much better than the last version.  They stuck with the “e” and the swoosh but glammed it up a bit and make it much more modern and gel-ish. I have to say I am surprised they haven’t ditched the version number and gone to some cool hip name or something. I am not complaining though, I like verison numbers, makes dev and support easier. Continue reading

Tab Navigation using CSS only – Great for SharePoint

My buddy and design counterpart at work whipped up a tab navigation for a SharePoint client who needed navigation between web part pages.  You can put this code into a content editor web part and have insta-nav on your web part pages. Here is a preview: Continue reading

MSFT WSS Application Templates PREVIEW

Bil Simser is just one hell of a guy – he has made available a live preview of all of the new Microsoft WSS Application templates. You can see what each one looks like, and even get in there and edit the content a little. Bil, you da man. Continue reading

Suggestion for the MSFT WSS Templates

Ok, so unless you have been stowed away under a nice cozy rock, you have probably heard about the Microsoft WSS site templates (errr, applications).  I think the latest count provided by dear Mr. Simser is like 60+ templates. Continue reading