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Weblog Usability: Top Ten Mistakes

I have a lot of respect for Jakob Nielsen, and he has posted his top ten design mistakes for weblogs.  While sometimes I think he is a little on the extreme or impractical side, I really like these usability tips for weblogs and I think he is dead on for every one.  His article runs a little long, so here is a condensed list for those of you who just want to check to see if your blog is in line Jakob style: Continue reading

Very cool new post production photo app

Heard of Aperture yet?  Don’t stop reading just because it is from Apple and will only work on Macs.  I think this guy is going to raise the bar in raw image editing applications and I would expect some of the big guns to follow suit. Continue reading

SharePoint Design Tip: Condense those My Site Styles

Everyone talks about OWS.css and SPS.css, but there are more style sheets in SharePoint, one of which is the tip topic for today. OWSPERS.css is the style sheet for personal sites (a.k.a. My Site).   This is important because changes to OWS.css or SPS.css will not affect personal sites.  Continue reading

SharePoint Design Tip: Secret to my CSS Trickery

It may be painfully obvious, but if not… I go about doing lots of little things here and there in the SharePoint user interface (UI) by manipulating the display using CSS and IDs and class names that are already in the code.  Luckily there are a lot of ID/classes assigned to elements in the page, and if you know a little about CSS, you can use it to your advantage to morph or hide UI items.   Continue reading

If two recycle bins theoretically collided…

AC has posted a great review of some SharePoint recycling bin options currently available that made the blog rounds last week.  After his review, he threw out a cream of the crop result if a collision were to occur between Todd Bleeker and Joel Olsen’s bins.  (Collison too harsh?  Lets say get together and make chitlins then). Continue reading

I was awarded MVP for WSS

I am very happy and honored to announce that I was awarded Microsoft’s Most Valued Professional (MVP) for Windows SharePoint Services.   I am humbled by the recognition and feel very privileged to be acknowledged by the community.   Thanks to everyone who supported me during the nomination process and everyone who has helped me learn and grow in SharePoint. I look forward to continuing to contribute to our community and strive to help it grow.

Cheers all and thanks again….    Heather

Recycle Bins for SharePoint

Two tools in a row!  Very cool!  For anyone who has dealt with that user who accidentally deleted a document and wants it back and you went through some horrid process of extracting it from a database backup, check out these two new tools recently posted: Continue reading

If you don’t already, get a feed for Jensen Harris

Jensen Harris works on the MSFT user experience team and has been regularly posting great info about the much talked about Office 12 “ribbon”.  If you are interested in Office 12, usability or reasoning behind the ribbon, check out his blog.  Plus he is funny to boot. Continue reading