Monthly Archives: December 2005

PureText, the coolest thing since they put a pocket in the pita

I picked up a link to this tool from a comment to a blog post and I have already used it extensively this morning.  It allows you to strip the formatting that gets added to text copied from an Office application by clicking an icon in your systray between the copy and the paste.   Continue reading

Photo Editing Step-by-Step

So I haven’t blogged much this week, I haven’t had any awe inspiring revelations to contribute.  But I did do some photo retouching recently and I thought I would share, as it goes back more to my roots, and roots are good.    I took two pictures and combined elements of one into another to achieve a satisfactory portrait for Christmas. Continue reading

CSS Layout Starting Points

24 Ways Day 4 features CSS Layout Starting Points by Rachel Andrew which basically talks about creating a bunch of layout starting points and keeping them handy instead of starting off with a blank CSS canvas for every project. Continue reading