Monthly Archives: February 2006

Real world usability testing examples

Web Marketing Resources has posted a brief 3.5 minute video that highlights the benefits of doing usability testing on your sites and applications and includes several real world examples of usability testing of sites.   Yes, it is a plug for their services, but it does give you some food for thought and a glimpse into something you can do for your site to improve it, user test it! Continue reading

Sweet! Happy V-day to me from Visibone

Today I received my Visibone order… the Card Collection for Web Designers.  I am geeked, I love my Visibone cards, and this one blows my old one away.  It has cards for colors, fonts (which I am especially excited about), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Special Characters.   Continue reading

What are Role Based Templates?

I have a side project and every time someone reads the certain bit of it where it mentions role-based templates, I get blank stares.  Every time I mention them in passing to other SharePoint people, I get “a what?”.  Which to me I find ironic because few a few months ago the blogging world went gaga over 40+ role based templates released by Microsoft.   So here is my definition for a role based template to help associate the name with something we are all familiar with. Continue reading

Exposure from Alien Skin

Oh, this is just too cool…..

Use Exposure to recreate the look of a specific film stock. Control saturation, light temperature, dynamic range, softness, sharpness, and the addition of realistic grain in one place. Or save your signature look as a one click effect.

Check out the examples, very impressive stuff.  All things you could do in Photoshop, but it would take more time to do it manually.  Mac/Win $199 download.


Go DIVless… a look at an alternative to DIV tags

Just read a very interesting article on an alternative to the DIV tag for laying out and structuring your content on a web page.  The idea is to ditch DIVs for unordered and definition lists. Continue reading

MCMS News… the why behind the move to O12 and new terminology

I know I don’t post often about MCMS, probably because it doesn’t require much secret sauce to successfully customize it, but a couple notable things have cropped up about MCMS vNext. Continue reading