Monthly Archives: March 2006

CSS Line-height property – no unit required

Ok I admit this was news to me. Blame the Visibone chart I clutch in my little fist when using this attribute every now and again. But the line-height property does not require and in most cases should not use a unit with the value. Continue reading

The Beauty of Custom Lists – Templates now available

After being poked by AC to go the extra mile, I have made available three of the list template examples for both the STS (WSS) and SPSTOC (portal) site definitions. I didn’t do a form example because that one is very particular to an individual’s needs and I could provide little value including a template as a starting point. Continue reading

SharePoint Usability Tip: Control how document libraries open within a site

I just came across this and thought it was pretty handy…

When you display a document library on your WSS site or a portal area that has folders, you can control how SharePoint handles a click by the user to see the contents of that folder. Continue reading