Monthly Archives: May 2006

SharePoint CSS Tricks: Shift the top tool navigation to the left

Have you ever wanted to move the very top tool navigation of a portal or WSS site over to the far left of the screen? This comes in handy especially if you have created a new site header graphic and would like that screen space for your custom graphics instead of navigation. Continue reading

New SharePoint Community site from Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a new community site for SharePoint. It has rotating blog and blog post links, rotating MVP profiles and links to SharePoint resources. RSS feeds are available. A lot of thought and collaboration went into this project, check it out. :-)

SharePoint Products and Technologies Community – Software Review Site

I have the patience of a tick mouse, so that is why I love review sites like these that let me do my homework quickly. I just came across this one and I am digging the interface.  Many reviews of many types of software: