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New Central Resource for Web Content Management

Andrew Connell has put together a great resource for Web Content Management (WCM), which is the next generation of Content Management Server. He has organized articles, blog posts, downloads, docs and URLs into categories for quick and easy reference. Great job AC!

Web Content Management Links and Resources

Things your design team wishes you knew…

I love this post:

How to live happily with a great designer, by Seth Godin

Why do some organizations look great… and get great results from their design efforts and ads… while others languish in mediocrity? I think it has little to do with who they hire and a lot to do with how they work with their agencies and designers.

Here are the things your design team wishes you would know:

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SharePoint 2003 CSS Reference Guide

I have posted my trusty SharePoint 2003 CSS Reference guide. For popular CSS styles, it includes:

  • Portal/WSS specification
  • Class/ID name
  • Descriptive function in site
  • SPS.css and OWS.css line number and general properties
  • Screenshot

SharePoint 2003 CSS Reference

New article posted: Intro to SharePoint 2003 and Customization Options

I did a bunch of work for a project that ended up falling through…. instead of letting all that work collect virtual dust, I am going to post it all on my blog.  Here is the first article: Continue reading