Monthly Archives: October 2006

CSS Options with Master Pages

Skinning a SharePoint 2007 site with Master Pages is by no means and open/shut case of altering the look and feel of a site.  There are some CSS inheritance issues that have to be contended with first. Continue reading

SharePoint Styles & Application.master Skinning Workaround – A thought in progress

So I don’t have this fully flushed out and wrapped up into a neat and tidy article with a How-To, but I will soon.

The Issue Summed Up (more resources: Shane, and Shane followup)

Master pages control the look and feel with SharePoint 2007 sites. One of the issues with this is application.master.  This master page controls the look and feel of SharePoint pages that have URLs with “_layouts“.  Continue reading

SharePoint Permissions Tip: Master Page Access

If you are set up in some capacity on your MOSS 2007 site as having Full Control, this won’t necessarily give you access to upload and mange files in the Master Page Gallery.  Continue reading