Monthly Archives: November 2006

SharePoint Tip: Check-in, Publish and Approve in One Step

Anyone out there working with MOSS 2007 customization knows that a lot of checking in and out of files goes on to work with styles, master pages and page layouts. Every time you want to publish the file to the live site, you have to check in the file, approve the file, then publish it. A quick tip in case you don’t know, you can quickly Publish files in one step from the Site Content and Structure screen of your site. Continue reading

SharePoint 2003 Installs Beware, Users Can Edit With SharePoint Designer

For anyone out there who has stopped users from being able to edit SharePoint sites via FrontPage using the DisableWebDesignFeatures attribute in the Project tag of ONET.XML, be aware that users will be able to edit the site (customize/unghost) with SharePoint Designer! Continue reading