Monthly Archives: May 2007

CQWP: It is a MOSS feature!

For those of you that I have confused in the past, my deepest apologies. I posted something some time ago about the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) and I need to clarify that the web part is a MOSS feature and is not available in WSS sites that are hosted on a server that only has WSS v3 installed. Continue reading

SharePoint Tip: How to Activate the Drop Down Menu in MOSS Sites

MOSS 2007 sites can display drop down menus in the tabbed navigation across the top. Unfortunately there is not an easy check box to activate this functionality, instead things just have to be set up the right way. If you want your MOSS site to show drop down menus, make sure the following is true or walk through the following steps: Continue reading

Master Pages vs. Themes: Which Do You Choose?

Over the last few months I have heard a lot of confusion and question about if a site should use a master page or a theme.  In this post I am going to go through some basic pros and cons and information to help you make a better decision as to how to brand your SharePoint 2007 site. Continue reading

SharePoint Tip: How to tell if your WSS site is on a WSS only install of SharePoint

I often come across confusion around branding options and navigation customizations for WSS v3 sites. One of the first questions I ask is if the WSS v3 site is on a server with only WSS v3 installed, or is it on a server where MOSS 2007 has also been installed. This often adds to the confusion. Continue reading