Monthly Archives: June 2007

Base Master Page for WSS Sites

For anyone waiting on me to post base master page code for WSS sites, I have gone through the process of dismantling default.master from a WSS only installation and turns out it is identical to the base code for a MOSS collaboration site.  So you can safely use the one for either instance.

Base Master Pages 

Free Images Online – MorgueFile

I often find myself looking for free images for use in a project.   It can be hard to find quality stock photography for free.   Today I came across a site though that has really made my day, MorgueFile.   (Sound weird?  They explain the name on the home page). Continue reading

TechEd Session Follow up and Resources

Thanks to everyone who came to my session at TechEd.  There was a ton of information to cover and I had to zip through it rather fast in order to hit the highlights.  I am going to post a series of articles based on my presentation that will present more information about each topic that we covered.  Continue reading