Monthly Archives: October 2007

SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Edit Consoles Throw Off Your Design

If you are working with a SharePoint master page and trying to get away from using the multiple tables that the default master page uses, the edit consoles (WSSDesignConsole and PublishingConsole) may create problems for you. Continue reading

SharePoint Branding Design Gotchas

I have pulled together a list of items in SharePoint 2007 that may haunt your custom branding if you don’t take special note to address it in the interface. Often while branding SharePoint you can get wrapped up with just working with a single web page while changing your design. Continue reading

Meeting Workspace Master Page Woes

If you have no need or plans to use Meeting Workspaces in your SharePoint site, you can skip this. You can always come back and go through this in case you do decide to use Meeting Workspaces. For those of you who are planning on using Meeting Workspaces, this post is for you. Continue reading