Monthly Archives: July 2008

SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Changing the Flyout Menu Arrow Hover Color

This is small, but gets me all of the time.   When you are working with the Global Navigation (a.k.a. Top Nav Bar) in SharePoint and you are using 2 levels of flyout menus, the arrow that appears for the second level of items may show the wrong background color when you hover over the item or arrow. Continue reading

Master Page Error from Exporting file from SharePoint Designer

If you are using SharePoint Designer (SPD) to create a master page file that will then be placed on the web server for use, such as with a custom site definition or custom Feature, you may run into the following error when viewing or creating a new site: Continue reading

How to Create Rounded Corners for Web Part Title Bars

Per some feedback, I added instructions to my latest branding article on how to create rounded corners for a web part title bar.  

» Part 3: Changing the look and feel of SharePoint components – Intro and Web Parts

Big Update to CSS Reference Chart

I have posted a large update to my SharePoint 2007 CSS reference chart.  In addition to adding some new styles and tips, I have added “Copy to Clipboard” functionality that will copy the CSS source code for the given style to your clipboard, so you don’t have to chase down styles by looking up line numbers.  Instead you can just do a copy, paste into your CSS file, and make modifications from there. Continue reading