Boil it down to the basics… the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon

Sigh, the ribbon. Those two words manage to give most SharePoint developers and designers the chills. And not necessarily in the good way. While the ribbon provides a lot of cool interactivity and functionality for our end users, you just look at it wrong and stuff can go whacky in your SharePoint site. This is the first post in a series dedicated to working with the ribbon. Let’s start off with reviewing what the ribbon really is and what code bits are involved. Continue reading

Create a dynamic, linked logo that goes to your root site

In just about every SharePoint site I customize and every CSS demo I do for people, I always use CSS to convert the SharePoint site title to a clickable logo, much like how we see all across the web.  Having your company logo in the upper left corner of your web site that when clicked takes you back to the home page is a very established usability pattern. People just expect it! Continue reading

SharePoint UI Version 3 and 4 for Master Pages

So, seeing this error?

The user interface of the master page cannot be determined. Do you want to continue?

In SharePoint 2010 the master pages can  be assigned to User Interface (UI) Version 3, 4 or even both.  What this error message means is that your master page has not been assigned a UI Version.  This is a super quick thing you can fix. Continue reading

Creating a centered fixed width design in SharePoint 2010

Switching your SharePoint site from a fluid width (how it is setup out-of-the-box with v4.master or nightandday.master) is a simple task. It requires one change to the master page and the addition of one style statement. Where things get tricky is how to go from there in regards to handling the scroll bar SharePoint automatically generates under the docked ribbon. But let’s get the easy part done first. Continue reading