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What makes good SharePoint CSS?

I recently read an interesting post that I think is a good starting list for judging CSS files. You can check it out here: Judging CSS / Spotting Bad Code

Reading that article and my ensuing comment that I posted based on my experience with SharePoint led me to think… why not write this up for SharePoint?  So here I am.   :)  Let’s get started with chatting briefly about why you should even care about what makes good SharePoint CSS code. Continue reading

SPTechCon 2012 in Boston

Thanks for attending our sessions!

SPTechCon rocked!

SPTechCon is winding down now in Boston, and we had an awesome experience sharing our knowledge with attendees. Heather and I have created this post with resources for attendees of our sessions (and other curious lurkers). Continue reading

Convert SharePoint 2010 master page to HTML5

I recently refreshed my Just the Essentials SharePoint 2010 master pages and a part of that refresh included the addition of HTML5 versions of the master page files. In this post I am going to step through how to convert a SharePoint 2010 master page to HTML5. Continue reading

Ribbon visibility using CSS

This is the fourth post in a SharePoint 2010 ribbon series.  Be sure to check out posts 1through 3 as well:
1) Boil it down to the basics… the SharePoint 2010 ribbon
2) Gathering requirements for your ribbon needs
3) The Docked Ribbon

The ribbon doesn’t have to be big and scary.  SharePoint ribbon customization can be completed with just a little CSS and tweaks to your master page. In this post we are going to focus hiding the ribbon when it is not in use. Continue reading

Twitter Response: Change select box arrow style with CSS

@porlyp asked on Twitter if it was possible to change the styling of the search scopes drop down menu in SharePoint using just CSS.  Here is a sample of what we are targeting:

Continue reading