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Hide Font Faces from the SharePoint Ribbon using CSS

As a follow up to the post Hide items from SharePoint Ribbon using CSS, here are a few more selectors to hide specific font faces from the font formatting options in the Ribbon.  I received a question from a SPTechCon Boston 2014 attendee about this and I have to say, I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to give his users 14 font face options for their content.  :)  Continue reading

SharePoint Navigation – CSS only accordion on hover effect

Everyone seems to love accordion navigation effects and I love CSS so it was only natural to try to implement an accordion effect for SharePoint navigation using only CSS. Typically folks use JavaScript or jQuery to add in an accordion, but it is possible to do it with pure CSS. When it comes to SharePoint there is only one caveat – you can create a CSS only accordion menu as long as the accordion effect fires on hover and not when the navigation header is clicked. Let’s see why, and let’s see how… Continue reading

Use CSS Sibling Selector Combinators in lieu of :nth-child for IE8 Support

Wow just the title of this blog post is a mouthful.  Just wait, it will get worse.  This post was inspired by one of my students who wanted to hide the second and third search scopes (Result Sources in SharePoint 2013) in the drop down in the SharePoint user interface AND needed to provide support for IE8. Using CSS this can be done really quickly. Continue reading

Hide items from SharePoint Ribbon using CSS

When you search for ways to hide items from the SharePoint Ribbon, such as the Font formatting block or the Edit HTML Source option, you will generally find a bunch of methods that involve fancy code and creating a new project in Visual Studio. One thing the Ribbon does have going for it is a ton of added classes and IDs to all the various options, buttons, links, blocks and components. You can target and remove elements from the Ribbon by just using CSS. Continue reading

Obscure issue with moving around items in SharePoint 2013 ribbon

Ever have one of those days where SharePoint just makes you say, umm, WTF??? Yeah, me too. Tag another one on the long list.

I wanted to absolute position the ribbon’s tab row right DIV contents of SharePoint 2013 to a different location on the page. In non-SharePointy code speak, I just wanted to move the links on the right side of the page that consist of Share, Follow, Edit/Save, Focus on Content and Developer Dashboard to a different place on the web page. Continue reading