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CSS Challenge Response: Change dialog box background

A CSS Challenge from Jennifer:

I have a masterpage with a black background and white links…however when I edit a page and insert an item the popup box is white background with white links. I would like to change the background of the box but my designer tool won’t pull the information so I can see what style is controlling it.

The dialog box can be tricky. What is happening is your HTML is getting loaded up in an iFrame so you essentially have your master page within your master page. The HTML, FORM, BODY (etc.) tags are all repeated again.  The trick to controlling the dialog box is to reference the class (.ms-dialog) that is assigned to the HTML element that is within the iFrame.

Here is the CSS to control the background of your dialog box. Continue reading

CSS Challenge Response: Simple styles for SharePoint list

A CSS Challenge from Fred:

Make lists look like basic MS-Office tables:

  • dark background header row with white text
  • alternate rows with light color background
  • dark bottom borders on every rows

Here is the CSS to start your list/library styles! Continue reading