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The Only Web Site You Should Have on Speed Dial

Speed dial? This is the web and yes I know that. But this web site is so helpful that it needs to be more than a bookmark buried among others. It deserves something better than a save in Pocket, a sync across multiple devices, a share in Delicious or an annotation in Diigo. This site deserves old school treatment and the web equivalent to speed dial, create a shortcut on your desktop. Continue reading The Only Web Site You Should Have on Speed Dial

SPTechCon Austin February 2015 Session Review

92% of Branding SharePoint is CSS, So Why Are You Living in a Master Page?

So, seriously?  Why is all the hype about master page this and master page that.  All of your branding should be coming from CSS!  Master pages have their place in the world and are certainly useful.  Just make sure all the pretty is in your CSS file.

Here is a summary of the CSS session at SPTechCon. Continue reading SPTechCon Austin February 2015 Session Review

SPTechCon San Francisco April 2014 Session Review

“Go ahead, be gone with it. And get your sexy on.”

Welcome session attendees and anyone else who happens to wander on this page.  This blog entry is a post session review of resources mentioned and code used in our Bring Sexy Back to SharePoint and Gaining Total Control of Your Sites with Data View Web Parts sessions from April 2014 SPTechCon in San Francisco. Continue reading SPTechCon San Francisco April 2014 Session Review

Sublime Text Rocks

You won’t be sitting in a SharePoint Experience class for very long before Heather or I open up a code editing app we both love – and for most of you, it’s something you’ve never seen before. Whether it is ASPX, JavaScript, XSL, HTML, PHP or CSS, one of our main go-to applications for web development (and yes this includes SharePoint) is Sublime Text.
Continue reading Sublime Text Rocks

Why I love teaching the SharePoint UI UX Experience Class

It is easy to say something is unique and it is quite another to actually explain why. Since its inception two years ago we have always said the SharePoint UI UX Experience class is unique. Here in the course’s birthday month, I figured we got some ‘splainin’ to do! (And kudos to you if Desi Arnaz just rang out in your head*.)

Continue reading Why I love teaching the SharePoint UI UX Experience Class

Dustin and Heather will be presenting at SPTechCon Boston in July

If you are headed to SPTechCon in Boston this July, please stop by one of our sessions and say hello! The conference is running a registration special through June 15th. Save $400 bucks. 🙂

Our sessions…

Tuesday, July 24, 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Creating Custom Views with any HTML and JavaScript – It’s Magic

See how easy it is to bend SharePoint’s XSL-based list view (a.k.a. the Data View Web Part) to your will, creating a view that generates any HTML and JavaScript your geeky heart desires. And now, learn how to do it without using SharePoint Designer. With just a Web browser, you’ll learn the secrets of creating magical, powerful and totally customized list views. Web designers and developers: Don’t miss this session!

Wednesday, July 25, 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Learn How to Put HTML5 in Your SharePoint Master Page

HTML5 is the new Web hotness. If it seems daunting, or you think you have to scrap what you have now and start over, then check out this class. Learn how to easily convert your existing SharePoint master page to HTML5 while creating better structure for your content. And yes, everyone will still be able to access your site!

Wednesday, July 25, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Make SharePoint Look Good!

Master pages are so yesterday. The real key to branding SharePoint is CSS. Update SharePoint controls, create different branded versions of your Web site, and write crafty CSS statements that override inline SharePoint styles. Become best friends with descendent selectors, pseudo selectors and attribute selectors. We will round out the class with taking a look at the many things CSS3 has to offer.