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To Breadcrumb or not to Breadcrumb?

User Interface Engineering has posted an article about breadcrumbs, and why they feel that breadcrumbs are a design cop-out.  It is a good read, especially for people using SharePoint for external facing sites.

» Design Cop-out #2: Breadcrumbs

Personally, I only utilize page breadcrumbs when working with administering lists and settings.  The breadcrumb provides a quick way back to list screens and other setting screens where otherwise no navigation is provided.  For that purpose I think they can be useful.  The article brings up some valid points on whether or not to use breadcrumbs at all.

SharePoint Breadcrumbs – Sample of differences, chart of uses and resources

I don’t think I am alone when I say “I hate the page level breadcrumb in SharePoint”.  While dead useful for users, it becomes a bit nightmarish for devigners. For this post I am going to ignore the Global Breadcrumb that appears in the upper left of a SharePoint site by default, because honestly most people hide it and it doesn’t cause near the heartburn as the page level breadcrumb. Continue reading