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SharePoint Usability Tip: Test other site group views using IE’s Run As

It is always a good idea to look at your sites from the perspective of your users. But if you are using SharePoint with Active Directory as your authentication, it can be a little tricky to test your SharePoint site as a Reader or Contributor. One way to quickly test, is to use a generic AD user account and Internet Explorer’s Run As feature. Here are a few quick steps: Continue reading

IE7 will have new icon and logo…

… and I actually like it much better than the last version.  They stuck with the “e” and the swoosh but glammed it up a bit and make it much more modern and gel-ish. I have to say I am surprised they haven’t ditched the version number and gone to some cool hip name or something. I am not complaining though, I like verison numbers, makes dev and support easier. Continue reading