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SharePoint Navigation – CSS only accordion on hover effect

Everyone seems to love accordion navigation effects and I love CSS so it was only natural to try to implement an accordion effect for SharePoint navigation using only CSS. Typically folks use JavaScript or jQuery to add in an accordion, but it is possible to do it with pure CSS. When it comes to SharePoint there is only one caveat – you can create a CSS only accordion menu as long as the accordion effect fires on hover and not when the navigation header is clicked. Let’s see why, and let’s see how… Continue reading

Mega Menu for SharePoint – Part 3 of 3

The final post of a three part series, Heather Solomon and Dustin Miller are exploring the ever-popular “Mega Menu”, and how to create a powerful, styled and functional mega menu for use on your SharePoint sites. The first post explored the HTML markup and CSS needed for navigation, organized into an unordered list. The follow-up post walked through the use of navigation taxonomy and the XSL for the menu. This final piece will first show how to implement the custom view in your master page, and then enhance it further with some shiny new CSS. Continue reading

Mega Menu for SharePoint – Part 2 of 3

This is the second part of a three part series where Heather Solomon and Dustin Miller are exploring the ever-popular “Mega Menu”, and how to create a powerful, styled and functional mega menu for use on your SharePoint sites. After creating the HTML markup and the CSS to meet the functional requirements, it is time to take a look at the importance of taxonomy in navigation and check out the XSLthat will be used for the mega menu. Continue reading

Working with the SharePoint Navigation

Yes, the SharePoint navigation really can work for your needs

A commonly misunderstood component of SharePoint is the navigation. We are frequently asked in class about how to make changes to the navigation and when we cover it, people are really surprised and honestly, it is pretty anti-climatic! Here are a few things everyone should know about manipulating SharePoint navigation. Continue reading

Modify SharePoint Add link in a list or library

For such a small little guy, the “Add” action link for a SharePoint list or library can sure cause a lot of grief for people.  Here is a sample of the SharePoint Add link if you were looking at a Links list.  Different lists show different text, such as Add Document or Add New Announcement.

Add new link option for SharePoint lists and libraries

I hear a lot of requests to change the look and feel of the link or move it to a different location on the web page. Luckily there is a lot you can do with CSS alone.  Continue reading

Add a tool tip for an image you create in CSS

My golden site design coding rule is site design supporting images are only referenced through the CSS.  This would include logos, header images, gradation bars, decorative backgrounds, etc.  Content supporting images (like Bob and Joe hanging at the company picnic) are content supporting images and therefore can end up in other places outside of CSS.

A question that often comes up when I teach this is “what about the ALT text value for the image?”. Continue reading

Create a dynamic, linked logo that goes to your root site

In just about every SharePoint site I customize and every CSS demo I do for people, I always use CSS to convert the SharePoint site title to a clickable logo, much like how we see all across the web.  Having your company logo in the upper left corner of your web site that when clicked takes you back to the home page is a very established usability pattern. People just expect it! Continue reading