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SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Hide search on all application screens

Application screens (a.k.a. “_layouts” screens) usually don’t display the search in the header. There does appear to be a few screens out there that do, and depending on your design for application screens, this may throw a wrench in how your page looks.  To stop the search from showing in any application screen, add the following CSS style to your theme or alternate CSS file:

.ms-searchform {
     display: none


SharePoint CSS Trick: Align your Search Inputs

I banged my head on this one for awhile and finally just had to pick apart the View Source code for a MOSS page….

If you are creating a custom Master Page for MOSS 2007 and use the Search user control (<SharePoint:DelegateControl runat=”server” ControlId=”SmallSearchInputBox”/>) you may have issues getting the search inputs to align to the right.  That is how it is in the default look and feel, yet when you use this user control in your custom master page it mysteriously scoots over to the left.   Continue reading

SharePoint Tip: Check-in, Publish and Approve in One Step

Anyone out there working with MOSS 2007 customization knows that a lot of checking in and out of files goes on to work with styles, master pages and page layouts. Every time you want to publish the file to the live site, you have to check in the file, approve the file, then publish it. A quick tip in case you don’t know, you can quickly Publish files in one step from the Site Content and Structure screen of your site. Continue reading