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The Docked Ribbon

This is the third post in a SharePoint 2010 ribbon series.  Be sure to check out posts 1 and 2 as well:
1) Boil it down to the basics… the SharePoint 2010 ribbon
2) Gathering requirements for your ribbon needs 

There are two states the SharePoint ribbon can be in, docked or undocked. Let’s dive right in looking at what it means to have a docked ribbon. Continue reading

Gathering requirements for your ribbon needs

In the first post in this series, Boil it down to the basics… the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon, we looked at the different components in the ribbon area and saw what was really a part of the ribbon and what wasn’t. At the end of the post you may have ended up with a custom master page with a simplified ribbon block and SharePoint page components, such as the Site Actions menu and the social tagging buttons, moved to other locations in your site layout and design. In the second post of this series I am going to focus on ribbon placement requirements and more importantly, what do your users need. Continue reading

Boil it down to the basics… the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon

Sigh, the ribbon. Those two words manage to give most SharePoint developers and designers the chills. And not necessarily in the good way. While the ribbon provides a lot of cool interactivity and functionality for our end users, you just look at it wrong and stuff can go whacky in your SharePoint site. This is the first post in a series dedicated to working with the ribbon. Let’s start off with reviewing what the ribbon really is and what code bits are involved. Continue reading

Real world usability testing examples

Web Marketing Resources has posted a brief 3.5 minute video that highlights the benefits of doing usability testing on your sites and applications and includes several real world examples of usability testing of sites.   Yes, it is a plug for their services, but it does give you some food for thought and a glimpse into something you can do for your site to improve it, user test it! Continue reading

Quality is Usability

Oh, I just love this post.  Jensen has posted about some usability testing they did with Office 12, but you can easily strip out the Office 12 bits and apply this case study to any situation.  Usability testing is highly, highly useful and can really provide some great data on how well your development is going.  My favorite line is “When the quality sucks, the usability sucks”.  Amen brother!

Quality Is Usability

Weblog Usability: Top Ten Mistakes

I have a lot of respect for Jakob Nielsen, and he has posted his top ten design mistakes for weblogs.  While sometimes I think he is a little on the extreme or impractical side, I really like these usability tips for weblogs and I think he is dead on for every one.  His article runs a little long, so here is a condensed list for those of you who just want to check to see if your blog is in line Jakob style: Continue reading