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Sublime Text Rocks

You won’t be sitting in a SharePoint Experience class for very long before Heather or I open up a code editing app we both love – and for most of you, it’s something you’ve never seen before. Whether it is ASPX, JavaScript, XSL, HTML, PHP or CSS, one of our main go-to applications for web development (and yes this includes SharePoint) is Sublime Text.
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SharePoint Links List: Open a link in a new window

For several months I have had an outstanding user enhancement request to add the ability to choose to open a link in a new window on a link by link basis in the default SharePoint links list. AC (Andrew Connell) has worked out a solution (and it took a day or two, not several months :-P ) by editing the SCHEMA.XML file to modify the links list definition to do this exact functionality. Very cool! Continue reading