VisiBone HTML/CSS Products – Lifesaver references

I am a VisiBone card user and lover… I have used these for years and I can’t say how often I whip it out for a quick reference.    With today’s technology being so vast, tidbits of basic info seem to get pushed back into the dark side of my brain and my VisiBone card always helps remind me of this or that attribute.   THESE ARE A MUST!  Check it out!!


Great list template workaround for SharePoint site definitions

Mads posted this GREAT tip a while back about a workaround for creating lists in a SharePoint portal in a different site definition than the list was originally created in.   But this is definitely worth bringing it up again.

This workaround allows you to use a list template in any site definition on a portal.  I have used this several times and it works great!

» Read Mads Post telling you how to do the workaround