SharePoint Surveys… what I would like to see in version 3

SharePoint surveys can be pretty handy… they allow content owners to quickly create surveys for a site… but there are a few pretty big issues I have with surveys that I would love to see changed.

Response Permissions
I would like for surveys to allow reader response submittal upon initial creation and not after you go in and adjust the security settings to allow readers (or whatever role) to respond to the survey.  I would think the majority of surveys created would be for the mass user base of a site and not for a small select group of users that are assigned to a particular user role.

Submit Button
It is not intuitive at all for a user to complete a survey then scroll back up the top of the survey and select a Save and Close link for submitting a survey.   Surveys should look like surveys/online forms and have a Submit button below the survey text.

Improved handling of graphical representation of responses
I think a lot of cool stuff could be done with the graphical summary view.  For one, some sort of filtering out of questions that are free form text responses.  Currently a “what do you think” type survey question will spit out a giant list of responses each with its own bar graph showing only one response.

Would like to see a switch from bar charts to pie charts and the ability to export out the graphical summary so the charts could be used in documents or presentations.

Default View of Survey should be… the survey!
The mast majority of users who will see this survey are visiting it to submit a response.  The default overview view should be left as an available action link or view or accessible via a “View Survey Results” from the survey screen.

Improve the Rating Scale Question Type
Quite frankly it is just difficult to use and apply. Need to increase customization abilities and ease of use.

7 thoughts on “SharePoint Surveys… what I would like to see in version 3”

  1. How about actually seeing the question in a default view without all the other stuff? Portal admins should be able to to place a webpart on a portal area that shows only the survey question(s) with a response link. Is that too much to ask???

  2. Something I’ve been trying to do and can’t seem to figure out how is getting a simple email when a user has responded to a survey. I want to take action when someone responds to a survey, but if you have the setting turned on where users can only see their responses, alerts can’t be turned on the survey – even for an admin.Also, you can’t create a workflow on a survey, so that’s not a way to do it. Not sure of any other way without hacking into the code.

  3. I’m looking for a possibility to see all answers in a survey, including all answers which the users haven’t completed yet.This is because I want to see who has participated but not finished the survey, to tell these people to finish their answers.Do you have any idea how I could display all not completed answers??

  4. Hi, would you know if it’s possible to split questions into sub headings i.e. a feedback survey with seperate headings (teamwork capability, comm skills, functional skills etc)

  5. RE: Posted @ 8/13/2008 8:13 AMAnkit,To craete a sub heading, add a new question and choose Page Separator as the question type. _________________Have tried this and don’t see how this includes a sub-heading, please can someone suggest an alternative? Many thanks!

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