My Favorite Find at the TechEd Expo Hall – SharePoint Explorer

Hands down this is one of the coolest tools I have seen at TechEd.   It will make my SharePoint admin life MUCH easier.

The Dot Net Factory‘s SharePoint Explorer is a great IE add-in for SharePoint navigation. You can quickly add a SharePoint site to the navigation and then have super quick navigation tree access to areas, subareas, admin settings, etc…   For any SharePoint environment with multiple portals and/or WSS sites, THIS IS A MUST!!!  It centralizes all your sites into one easy location!

» The Dot Net Factory’s SharePoint Explorer

One thought on “My Favorite Find at the TechEd Expo Hall – SharePoint Explorer”

  1. We have a new server-based version of SharePoint Explorer available for demo. It is not a web part but has a new and unique global deployment model. Upon installation it is automatically available on all existing and new sites without requiring any modifications to you sites or site templates.


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