Metalogix Migration Manager – for MCMS and SharePoint

While at TechEd I sat in on a demo for Metalogix Migration Manager and was impressed with this tool.  Metalogix has two tools, one for MCMS and one for SharePoint.  I saw the demo for SharePoint. Through one easy file explorer like interface it allows you browse and select content to migrate to SharePoint.  Once the content has been selected the migration process is easy – 1) Select content; 2) Select Export; 3) Logon to the SharePoint site; 4) Select destination; 5) Map columns to SharePoint columns.   You don’t have to be on the SharePoint box to use this tool, and it even has a creation interface so you can create new SharePoint content containers (a list for example) from within the Migration Manager.   Very cool!

» Migration Manager for SharePoint
» Migration Manager for MCMS

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