SharePoint Custom Lists – functionality I would like to see

With our SharePoint install I have to work with custom lists a lot, and I would love to see the custom list functionality bumped up a notch.  I would like to see either a new custom list template, or have additional abilities to the current one so I can create more vertical based information lists.  For example if you have data entry for a custom list and you have several columns you need to specify and the data in those columns is a long string of text, you quickly run out of horizontal real estate and you either have to organize your data a different way, or deal with the horizontal page scroll and bad usability with having content so far off the page you have to give it a new zip code.

Title  Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 Col 5 Col 6 Col 7
Data  Data  Data  Data   Data  Data  Data  Data
(click here to see a sample of what I am referring to)

What if we could do this without list trickery:
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4
Col 5 Data  Data  Data
Col 6 Data  Data  Data
Col 7 Data  Data  Data
(click here to see a sample of what I am referring to)

Through grouping and multiple data entries for the same main item, I can create what I want, but this isn’t ideal for the average end user who is doing good to just find the option to create a custom list.

So my wish list item would be a custom list where you can set up the data in table format.  I am sure someone will shout DVWP! But again, I am thinking for the end user and I think something OOB, not custom, and easy cheesy to use, would be best.

2 thoughts on “SharePoint Custom Lists – functionality I would like to see”

  1. Bil you missed my vibe… I am not with problem looking for solution; I am expressing what functionality I would love to see in SharePoint’s custom list creation capabilities.

    I know a DVWP would do the trick, or entering in content in datasheet view, but since SharePoint is supposed to empower the end user, I was suggesting a way to better empower them by giving them an easy way to create custom lists visually display the content nicer if the data in the columns ran long. I want out of the business of creating every list a user needs… they should be able to quickly and easily create it themselves. This is a ‘hey wouldn’t this be cool’. 🙂

  2. Hi Heather,im trying to create a simple horizontal grouping via you know where i could read up on it?thanks

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