FrontPage can still be evil, but does have its place

Todd Bleeker made a comment in the Mindsharp Yahoo group (I think) about how FrontPage is still a viable tool for code editing for SharePoint. His comment stuck with me because so many of us (including me) get wrapped up with the anti-FrontPage parade.

Just because opening a SharePoint site in FrontPage causes unghosting issues, it doesn’t mean it should be banned forever. It is still a perfectly acceptable tool for editing files as long as you open them from the server, and not the site. I think us pro ghosted pages only people tend to tell others (especially SharePoint newbies) never use FrontPage EVER! Forgetting that it may be the only tool that user has. Maybe we should amend our rally cry to be, use FrontPage responsibly. (I know, it lacks the zing).

Using FrontPage to navigate to and open files on the server is fine, using it to open sites and using it via IE to open sites and pages, is what will give you grief.

I have updated my Resources page with FrontPage and Ghosting resources:

» FrontPage
» Ghosted and Unghosted Pages