How do you do that crazy design thing you do?

A few days ago my brother (a network guy turned graphics and video production guy) asked me how I designed stuff.  How do I come up with concepts and ideas.  Wow, what a tough question.  It is hard to verbalize and wrap a process around something like that. Especially for designers in my position where you generally work alone on designs… there is no great ad agency pow-wow session with white boarding. Continue reading How do you do that crazy design thing you do?

Tables aren’t evil

I spent a brief time on the tableless design wagon… the craze that swept through some time ago where if your web site design included tables you were waving a giant “old fart from the dark ages” flag.  Everything shifted to this huge push for tableless design where you accomplished all layouts with just CSS and DIV tags. I jumped on the bandwagon, I rode the rough trail, and I got off at the next stop.  Continue reading Tables aren’t evil