– A new SharePoint site to connect users and devies to equal solutions

Jim Duncan passed along news to me about a new web site that seeks to connect end-users with developers to create great solutions for everyday SharePoint needs.   This is an exciting prospect and web site and just what the SharePoint community needs!  Here is the Collutions announcement that I thinks does a great job summing up their vision:

Collutions bridges gap for SharePoint users

Today Collutions, Inc. announces a new initiative to bridge the gap between SharePoint users and developers. Our vision is to answer the call to provide more solutions for the SharePoint user at any level. These collaborative solutions marry good ideas to technical innovations, and Collutions is the meeting place for their design and development.

Collutions brings together three categories of SharePoint users to make this collaborative tool more efficient for the entire SharePoint community. To the envisioneer (any SharePoint user with an idea to enhance the SharePoint experience), Collutions provides a place to submit ideas for web-parts, tools and applications and to be connected to those who can build them. The envisioneer is recognized for the idea and can even receive royalties from the sale of that solution. To the developer, Collutions provides the opportunity to create new tools in SharePoint, also receiving recognition and royalties for the development of those innovations. The result of this direct collaboration between the envisioneer and the developer is a pool of solutions accessible to all SharePoint end-users.

Collutions brings to life the collaboration that SharePoint was designed to facilitate.  Whether you have a creative idea or some technical savvy, or are just curious how others have improved their SharePoint experience, we invite you to find out how we can help you.



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