Suggestion for the MSFT WSS Templates

Ok, so unless you have been stowed away under a nice cozy rock, you have probably heard about the Microsoft WSS site templates (errr, applications).  I think the latest count provided by dear Mr. Simser is like 60+ templates.

Each application comes with a basic and custom site template (just a regular ‘ole STP file. I was asked today if MSFT was providing new site definitions with new functionality… no dice, these applications are just mocked and jazzed up site templates using OOB web parts that already exist).

What I think would have been cool, and would be very useful going forward, would be another site template file, but with all the lists and libraries empty of all sample data. So provide four site templates:

  1. basic
  2. basic empty of data
  3. custom
  4. custom empty of data.

This way the admin implementing these templates doesn’t have to sit and clear out all the custom data, which is probably just as time consuming of a task as it would have been to just copy the lists and libraries out as templates (sans data) and load them up on their existing SharePoint site.

Just a thought….  cheers and happy templating.

One thought on “Suggestion for the MSFT WSS Templates”

  1. And instead of 20+ individual, self-extracting .exe files, how about a single install that would allow you to:

    1) Choose which temp… err, applications you want to install
    2) Install the templates to the site gallery (-url) of your choice

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