MSFT WSS Application Templates PREVIEW

Bil Simser is just one hell of a guy – he has made available a live preview of all of the new Microsoft WSS Application templates. You can see what each one looks like, and even get in there and edit the content a little. Bil, you da man.

ยป Bil Simser’s WSS Application Template Preview Site

EROL has also posted a quick tip for install all of the templates at once:

How to easily and quickly install the WSS Applications templates: “Run create_sites.bat and go get a coffee or two ๐Ÿ™‚
When you’re back, you should be all set!
Enjoy…” Fun no ? EROL


One thought on “MSFT WSS Application Templates PREVIEW”

  1. Very cool! Thanks for the link, I’m stocked to have some information to share with others, and also to see it implimented to see which ones I might want to use in my own endeavours.
    Slight comment is that I still chuckle that a lot of people thought that these were for the SPS level of things… will they ever learn that the only real way to hack the SPS level of things is to work on the site definitions, else they’ll unghost things and mess everything up?

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