SharePoint Usability Tip: Test other site group views using IE’s Run As

It is always a good idea to look at your sites from the perspective of your users. But if you are using SharePoint with Active Directory as your authentication, it can be a little tricky to test your SharePoint site as a Reader or Contributor. One way to quickly test, is to use a generic AD user account and Internet Explorer’s Run As feature. Here are a few quick steps:


    1. Create a generic AD user account (or use an existing one)


    1. Log in as an Administrator to your site in your browser


    1. Add the generic account as a user and assign a site group


    1. Right click the icon for Internet Explorer (Shortcut, under Programs, etc) and select Run As.


    1. A user account box will pop up giving you an option to run the program as another user. Select The following user: and enter in the generic account login and password.


    1. A browser window will launch. Browse to the SharePoint site and login to the site as the generic account if prompted.


  1. Test and view your site.

Nice thing about this is you can run two IE sessions, one under your regular account, and one as the generic account user. In your admin account window you can alter and modify settings, and just hit refresh in the Run As window to see the results.

2 thoughts on “SharePoint Usability Tip: Test other site group views using IE’s Run As”

  1. good tip, but i ve got a different way to test several user

    Sometime, you can create AD group for several problem or you just have admin control on the server …

    In fact, i create some local account on the server : reder, author, …

    And i disabled temporary my automatical NT connexion in the security option of my browser
    >>> it will prompt everytime i launch a new window, so i can use this local server account on my desktop

    "Run as" will create use some NT profile on your desk, your AD account need to be a domain user and so, it takes some place and need more right on the domain that just access to the portal
    >>> so i prefer local account on the SharePoint Server and i don’t manage any AD exception 🙂

  2. I have a question, in our system we have setup Admin user which is a site collection administrator and have rights to all sharepoint sites we have in the system. Every morning i login using my own login id (eg: ABC) but it always recognised my as Admin and i’m not able to test on the permission using my login account. I tried the steps mentioned above but still not working. Any Clues?Appreciated.Thanks.

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