Todd’s Open List Items in a New Window

Seeing this made me a happy woman this morning… Todd Bleeker has a nifty trick that allows you to set list or library items to open up in a new window. It has a few restrictions… it needs to be added to each instance or view of the list or library, it will apply to all of the list or library items, and it doesn’t seem to work for the Links web part in Summary view (view with the links as bullets).

But it is a handy workaround for when SharePoint users ask for the functionality to open items in a new browser window.

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One thought on “Todd’s Open List Items in a New Window”

  1. Works great in IE but I am having the a problem in Firefox and Opera whereby I get a warning message that just displays “Undefined” when loading the page where the web part has been implemented. As the sites I want to use this within are all public facing, cross-browser support is essential. If shove comes to push then I could accept that non-IE browsers opens list items in the parent window as long as the warning message is not displayed.Can you help out with this one?Thanks

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