SharePoint Usability Tip: Hide the Site Settings Link in Portal

To quickly hide the Site Settings link in portal, add this to your custom style sheet:

#SettingsOrReturnURL {display: none}

All this does is change the display of the link itself to none. So you aren’t actually removing it from the code.

11 thoughts on “SharePoint Usability Tip: Hide the Site Settings Link in Portal”

  1. You can add it to a custom style sheet, which I would recommend having in the same styles folder as the other default CSS files (Local Drive:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60TEMPLATELAYOUTS1033STYLES).

  2. Yes… and I have done that in the past and have had the Site Settings link reappear after a few weeks. When I looked into it, the ID had changed (went from -2 to like -3). Plus what ID will hide the Site Settings is different from environment to environment, so I don’t like CSS as a reliable way to hide the Site Settings link.

  3. Shouldn’t this be invisible ONLY for non-Administrators?

    How can I show this just for administrators?

  4. Hi any manuslas or dummies out there Iam just starting on sharepoint and need som advice i setting it up

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