The FrontPage Camps

On one side you have the yeah-hoorah-FrontPage rules people, on the other, you have the boo-hiss FrontPage is horrid users, and in the middle wandering around are new SharePoint users who have way more questions than answers and are trying to understand this product and how to use it and customize it.

It is like we are at war and trying to recruit the users in the middle. We each have our propaganda and rally cries and will spend more time than we should trying to convince these fresh minds that our way is right.   It is tiresome and kinda silly.

Here is my take…  education is key and you must have knowledge of both the pros and cons.  The anti-FrontPage people never seem to say, well yeah FrontPage has its place and would be good for this type of install.  The pro-FrontPage people never seem to say, yeah ok unghosting is a real thing and can cause you some grief.  We can’t make up the minds of these new users, but if they come seeking knowledge, is it not our responsibility to provide information for both pros and cons?

I see the one-sided behavior most predominantly on the newsgroups, and it sparked this rant.  But only because I tire of the one sided he said/she said, prove this/prove that, it’s great/it’s horrible routine. We will forever have our own opinions and pet products and methods, but can we please take a break from the war and maybe throw a BBQ with some ritas?  It would be more fun.   Cheers all— H.