Applying a theme to a portal area

Via Yazan:

Applying WSS Themes to SPS Areas

You can apply the Windows SharePoint Services themes on SharePoint Areas it is really simple and it can save you a lot of effort .

Lets say that you want to customize the Home area.

1- Add the following to the url “_layouts/1033/themeweb.aspx” the full URL will look like this .


2- Choose the theme you want to apply like in WSS sites and click apply.

3- Navigate to the home page that you want .

4- Now you will notice that one item needs customization, that’s a picture beside the search box.

5- Go to the following directory C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60TEMPLATEIMAGES.

6- The Picture that you want is named cornertop.gif.

7- Edit it and have fun .


Nice trick!  Another great example of remembering all a portal is, is a WSS site.

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  1. it does only work at the main area. any other area i get prompted to log on. it looks like a rights issue.
    but i am administrator…

    does anyone know what it is?

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