A look at SharePoint Version 3 Features

Via Dustin:


  • WSS will have an entirely new user interface that includes better navigation controls and built-in breadcrumb trails.
  • Pages will derive from “master pages“, meaning that you could re-skin an entire SharePoint site by modifying just one template file
  • More professional out of the box themes
  • FrontPage can directly edit each site’s CSS file(s)
  • Workflow built-in all over SharePoint, with tight integration with Outlook 12 tasks
  • Individual documents can have document-specific workflows
  • Item-level security on lists and libraries
  • FrontPage has evolved further into a SharePoint designer tool (I read that as: the only SharePoint designer tool), and apparently, ghosted/unghosted pages won’t be a problem any longer
  • Recycle bin with user and administrator restore features for document libraries and list items
  • InfoPath forms can be filled out with only a browser when published as (to?) a SharePoint site (even with FireFox)
  • Customizable and extensible search (and search API), including “did you mean“-type search term corrections
  • Lists can be viewed on mobile devices


  • All lists and libraries have RSS feeds, and each list’s feed can be customized to include whatever fields you’d like
  • Event list RSS feeds include iCal files as enclosures
  • Each site has a master “aggregating“ RSS feed
  • Outlook 12 can perform 2-way online/offline syncronization of the following list types:
    • Contacts
    • Events
    • Tasks
    • Discussion Lists
    • Document Libraries (!)
  • Discussion lists can create their own e-mail alias in Active Directory, allowing you to e-mail that alias to automatically archive that e-mail (and its attachments) to a SharePoint discussion list
  • ALL lists and libraries have version history capability, and only “diffs“ are stored (differences from one change to the next)
  • Access treats SharePoint sites as honest-to-goodness data sources

Developer-oriented news

  • Existing web parts will “just work“ in the new SharePoint web part page framework
  • Site definitions/templates will ship in the box for blogs and wikis (blogs can be built directly on your “My Site“!)
  • All lists and libraries will have synchronous event handlers (not sure how these work with other interfaces to SharePoint data, like OM, WEBDAV, SOAP, etc., if the event handler has to raise an exception)
  • List/library version history is exposed programmatically by way of the OM
  • Multiple “content types” (sets of metadata, or “metadata templates“, if you will) for document libraries and lists, that include view information, workflows, bound events.
  • FrontPage can edit workflows
  • Business Data Catalog (datasource catalog on steroids, apparently).  This doesn’t seem all that new to me, so I’ll reserve commentary until more details emerge after the expected PDC sessions)