Creating Custom User Menus in SharePoint

Via E. Shupps:

Finally, after much delay, the lastest installment in the Extreme SharePoint Design series is finished. In this installment we will explore the creation of custom menus using the default Actions and Views sections in SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Originally intended to be a much shorter article, I kept finding additional things I felt needed to be included to present a complete picture, so the final version is rather lengthy. Hence the linked PDF as opposed to one big blog post. Download the article here (right-click, choose ‘Save Target As’):Extreme SharePoint Design – Creating Custom User Menus (PDF, 464k)



(a week old Heather?  I know, I know… still playing catch up 🙂

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  1. There looks to be a problem with the PDF, can you please repost.Thanks for the great site, lots of knowledge.

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