WHOA! New way to alter the default Title column in a SharePoint list

I have to admit, I am pretty geeked over this:

Via Yazan Khasawneh:

SharePoint lists is one of the greatest features inside this great portal, even most of SPS and WSS architecture is basically a list.

But there is something that I really hate about lists, when you create a list, a default column is created, you cannot change the column Type, it is simply  “a single line of text”, so if someone requested from you to create a list with one column, and if he/she asked that this column type should be a “Number” for example, you will go straight forward into CAML, and start creating your own list definition.

But SharePoint is built so that the End-User can manipulate lists, without the help of a developer, but what about this issue, you will need a developer to help.

From here I started creating a web part that can change this default column type, I called it Yazan’s List Manager (YLM), You can download it from here YLM .    Keep Reading…

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  1. Hi, I was trying to find your code for this purpose but it is not more available in the web site.Could you please help with this problem ?thanks a lot ,Santiago GudinoAltran Italia

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