More SharePoint goodness…

E. Shupps has been busy… not only did he customize a SharePoint install right down to the last link and setting (it looks good!) he has been posting all sorts of SharePoint goodness lately…

Search Index Rules Syntax
SharePoint does a pretty good job of handling long, complex or unique URLs within the interface; many lists use relative pathing, Area and Site URLs preserve spaces for easy readability, and so on. One instance where this is definitely NOT the case is the application of rules for inclusion and exclusion of content sources….

‘Go Back To [Area/Site]’ Link
…Nothing is more frustrating than finding yourself seven steps into a wizard with no way to bail out but to smack the ‘Back’ button repeatedly. The solution is a ‘Go Back To [Area/Site]’ link at the top of each administration page which gives the user one-click access to the place they started from….

Extreme SharePoint Design: Modifying The ‘Grouped By’ Headers
When applying grouping to a list view, the default style sheet prepends the field label and a colon to the group header. While this may be helpful in determing what category the data is grouped by it is certainly not the most visually appealing method….