Recycle Bins for SharePoint

Two tools in a row!  Very cool!  For anyone who has dealt with that user who accidentally deleted a document and wants it back and you went through some horrid process of extracting it from a database backup, check out these two new tools recently posted:

Mindsharp’s FREE Deleted Items Document Library Custom List Template

Joel Olson’s New improved SharePoint Recycle Bin

Excellent work guys!  I know these have been making the blog rounds and I will soon be posting them on my resources page.

2 thoughts on “Recycle Bins for SharePoint”

  1. Thanks for the praise Heather. Also, thanks for helping answer the ever growing questions on the Yahoo sharepointdiscussions list. You are a big help to the SharePoint community.

    <Todd />

  2. Heather,How will this Deleted Items Document Library behave after migrating to WSS v3.0?What is the best migration option? I plan to use the Gradual which I beleive will preserve Todd’s Deleted Items libraries in the “old” url. Will it Migrate over cleanly or will it not exist when the migration is complete?What are your thoughts?Dennis

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