If two recycle bins theoretically collided…

AC has posted a great review of some SharePoint recycling bin options currently available that made the blog rounds last week.  After his review, he threw out a cream of the crop result if a collision were to occur between Todd Bleeker and Joel Olsen’s bins.  (Collison too harsh?  Lets say get together and make chitlins then).

I’m loving the idea, I think a melded solution using the best features of both would be a great option for the age old dilemma of users accidentally deleting documents. Read how he suggests doing it.

I would want to take it a step further and make it an upgrade or enhancement to the existing document library.  My issue with Todd’s Bin (and I do think it is cool, don’t get me wrong) is that it is too confusing for Joe SharePoint User.  I fear the angry support calls of the user who lost a document out of the non recycle bin library who really doesn’t give a rat’s patootie that it happened because they originally selected the default non-recycle bin SharePoint library.

I want a recycle bin solution that can be applied to existing sites and libraries and flat out replace the default SharePoint one.  Everything needs to be seamless and the less options and instructions the better.   In fact I would like this across the board on all the web parts that have issues… surveys, links, discussion boards….    developers work so hard creating solutions to solve the problem, but then it confuses the end user because now we have multiple templates to choose from and it isn’t clear cut to them on which one to use.   (So take them out Heather, I know, I know… but I am talking point click click you are done Utopia here).

It all comes back around to usability.  SharePoint needs to be more usable.  There are too many terms, too many steps and too much to accidentally screw up on.  And I rather not hear “wait till v3” because we all have to develop, deploy and support in the here and now and not many clients are happy with “well just deal with it because in the next version it will be fixed”.

Wow that rant visited several topics.  Guess my point is, it all comes back to the user.  With a collaboration product, it is only about them.

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