Weblog Usability: Top Ten Mistakes

I have a lot of respect for Jakob Nielsen, and he has posted his top ten design mistakes for weblogs.  While sometimes I think he is a little on the extreme or impractical side, I really like these usability tips for weblogs and I think he is dead on for every one.  His article runs a little long, so here is a condensed list for those of you who just want to check to see if your blog is in line Jakob style:


    1. Have an “About Me“ page with a photo of yourself.


    1. Use descriptive posting titles – name topic and in our case, the technology.


    1. Don’t add links that are “read more here and here“.  Tell users what you are linking to since no one likes to click into the unkown.


    1. Don’t let your good stuff get buried by time.   Keep a running link list in a good place on your blog to your golden posts that provide value so any old or new blog visitor can benefit from past posts.


    1. Use  categorization for your posts, but don’t assign too many categories to one post. Try to keep your posts neatly organized and minimize post overlap in categories.


    1. Blog frequently.  Daily, weekly or monthly…. pick a schedule and stick to it.


    1. Minimize mixing topics.


    1. Not only do you need to worry about current bosses and workplaces, but think about future ones too.  Watch what you flame.


  1. Get your own domain name.